by Christopher Howson

I would like to share with you a story. A story of a man with a massive heart. A man who lived in his cave for so long battling an invisible enemy called depression.

Hello, my friends my name is Christopher Howson. Christopher like anyone else believed in changing this world for the better to truly serve, help and inspire people to find their gift and message that they can share with the world. However, he still had that invisible enemy depression doing its best to hold him back from truly living his purpose.

Christopher battled this enemy depression for a long time, and it made him believe he wasn’t good enough. Christopher wanted to walk away from what he truly loved which was his gift of speaking.

No matter how much Christopher was reminded of how much he truly was a motivational speaker, how he moves people through his words and giving insights and tips how to overcome depression and adversities in life.

How did Christopher pull himself out of this? How did he find it within himself to keep going with his business when he wanted to give up?

These are Christopher’s tips on how he overcame depression and obstacles in life.

  • Being aware that your current circumstances is not the destination. Sometimes we tend look at our current position in life and beat ourselves up saying “Why am I still here, how come I am not further ahead in my life etc. This is just negative self talk we are filling our heads with and it doesn’t benefit us in order to move forward in life.

The key thing is to realize that your current circumstances just reflect where you are right now in your journey. It is not reflecting the person you are becoming as a result of the journey and where you are heading.

  • Give yourself permission to be great and that you are unique and special. Most of the time, we give ourselves permission to be average. You are born to be unique and there will never be another you.
  • Repeat affirmations to yourself every morning and night daily. Success is built on consistency and daily habits. Make this a daily habit of yours.

Now make a choice draw a line in the sand and ask yourself this:

 ‘’Are you choosing to take action now and embrace your greatness or stay where you are currently at now?” 

Now is the time to decide based on action.

We have led to this moment. We first developed awareness that your current situation is never your final reality, you gave yourself permission to be great and now you make a choice draw a line in the sand which is the action step.

  • Develop gratitude for what you already have. This will lead you to attracting more things into your life to be grateful for.
  • Start off by writing down 3 things every day you are grateful for. Notice and observe how gratitude can change your life.
  • Make sure your focus is on what you want instead of what you don’t want. Why? Because everything is energetic in nature. When you focus on what you don’t want you create negative thoughts which generate negative emotions which leads to a negative meaning placed on the event.
  • Our minds are like transmitters sending out radio frequencies to the universe. When you vibrate on a negative emotional frequency which is negative thoughts + negative emotions = negative meaning this gets sent out to the universe. As the saying goes “you attract what you think about” guess what you attract negative experiences back into your life.

That is why focus on what you want. When you focus on what you want again our minds are like transmitters sending out radio frequencies to the universe. This time when you vibrate on a positive emotional frequency which is positive thoughts + positive emotions = positive meaning this gets sent out to the universe. Where you attract positive experiences back into your life.

Key point- focus on what you want period.

  • Lastly change the words you speak to yourself daily. Change the self talk which is that little voice in the head telling you why it won’t work.

Repeat positive empowering words to yourself daily in the morning and night. For e.g. repeat self talk to yourself like I am great, I am successful, I am unique just the way I am etc.

Key point- change the self-talk you say to yourself daily. Use positive, empowering words.

There you have it the tips that helped Christopher out of his darkness.

If you would like to know more, please connect with Christopher on or go to his Facebook page called Christopher G. Howson – Speaker.

It has been a pleasure serving you and giving you some valuable tips, you can now apply in your own life. Thank you! Namaste.

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