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I thought it only right to share the wonders about the reasons behind why those of us who choose to get into having a side hustle, business, or even work from home need some type of overall wellness program or even a wellness coach! I bet you’re wondering what I know about wellness or working from home – My name is Breisha and I am a devote wellness coach, pursuing my master’s in psychology, and have a few different fitness certifications to teach different views of group fitness. Alongside the fact injunction with Beachbody, I run a small at home wellness coaching business. Which is why I just had to share the reasons for needing a wellness program to keep you afloat.

For starters, how many of us experience stress in our everyday lives trying to set up for a better future?! I bet we all do. Having an overall wellness program allows you to make the best choices not only for your physical but mental health. It encourages setting up healthy habits that become engrained in your everyday life. Not only does it build those habits it happens to help shift your overall mindset. Many wellness programs welcome using mediation as a basic tool to help to regain focus and clarity. Which are tools we most definitely need when we are trying to build an empire or fire our boss from our 9-5 to pursue our dreams of being our own bosses.
Secondly, wellness programs help with physical health in a major way. The majority of times, a program will have specific ways in which it helps to track and monitor what you are eating. Depending on where your wellness program comes from, it might even have meal plans that are easy to follow. The other major way they help is by providing exercise. Some offer at home workouts or even gym memberships. The benefits of being healthier include energy, weight loss, more productivity, and saves money. Meal prep keeps you from wasting money on fast food or coffees out which can be poured right back into your dreams.

I touched earlier on the fact that some wellness programs come with coaches – which are overall awesome for accountability. When having someone to check in with you and encourage you it makes staying on the wellness journey that much easier. On top of the fact that if you incorporate a wellness coach into your business helping your employees it can help to increase the bottom line. For starters when everyone is healthy people can prevent burn out and produce more. As well as those who feel better have an overall happier morale. These things overall will help to increase your business.
So, the next time you see someone on social media talking about their wellness journey make sure you reach out and see what they have to offer.

As Always Everyone, Be Well and Be Free,

Also if you are in need of a basic starting point in your wellness journey make sure to take advantage of signing up for free to be a part of my wellness community. The link is shared below!

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