5 Critical Parts to Your Brand Identity

All over the internet and social media, you will find branding experts and courses on how to build your brand and what works and what doesn’t. It is everywhere. That is because social media & marketing your branding is vital to the success of your business, especially in the online arena where you don’t get the chance to meet face to face and establish that personal connection. Often times you will be judged by something as simple as your profile picture or the cleanliness of your website landing page (or lack thereof).

Here are the 5 parts of your Brand Identity that you have to consider when opening up your new business.

  • Brand Persona- Who is the Brand? Think of your brand as a person, not just a company-what are they like?
    • What can you expect when you interact with them? Are your values apparent in your interactions and messaging? For example bright colors, funny, videos, cartoons in your ads- I am likely going to expect you to be laid back and fun. I will expect you to be easy to work with, but I might be fearful if you are say- a banker- that you are not serious enough for my money. Same can be said of a party planner or pre-school teacher with a dark website and everyone in suits. All of these are part of your brand persona. It should match your values and who you are so it resonates with your ideal client. This makes it easier for you to be you. When your brand is authentic to you-consistency is easy.
    • Do you have a strong connection and relatable vibe? This incorporates things such as your appearance, personality, attitude..etc. They evaluate all of it before they do business.
  • Brand Promise- What will customers get by choosing you-tangible and intangible
    • You need to make sure that you have a solid offering and understanding of how your product will benefit your potential customer. What results can they expect from you-increased sales, better relationships, weight loss…etc?
    • They also need to know what they will feel and the benefits of your offer. They will be happier, healthier, calmer. How can you make their life better?
    • Be specific in what you are offering to them. What service are they buying from you? What is included in your offering? They want to know you can solve their issue and feel confident in their buying decision.
  • Brand Perception- These are built by our customers and potential customers, you don’t pick. This is how they see you and your Brand and what it makes them feel and think.
    • Unfortunately, brand perception is not decided by you, but it is certainly influenced by you. What are you putting out into the world, how are seen virtually and in person? What are you saying and doing? Are your images, pictures and messaging consistent with how you want customers to see you? For example, if you say you are a professional, but a quick browse through your social media shows that you are more like a professional binge drinker, you are killing your sales before you ever have the chance to talk to a customer. Be sure that what customers can see is in fact what you want them to see. Perception can be a great thing though. If your landing page and content and interactions are all roses and sunshine before they ever even speak to you, you have an advantage in converting that lead to a sale. They already feel fairly good about what you can offer and who you are.
    • Maintain good working relationships with referral partners, others in the same industry, and those in related fields. They are a great source for new customers but also partners in helping to talk up your brand.
  • Brand Expectation- This is based on Your brand promise, what does the customer expect before they work with you?
    • If you have done your job well with your brand persona and your brand promise, your potential customer will have at least a sketched out idea of what they believe your next interaction or working relationship will encompass or look like. When they make assumptions about your brand based on your content, it is up to you to make sure you deliver at EVERY interaction. It has to be consistent.
  • Brand Elements- Logo, messaging, packaging and such that ties in your intangibles.
    • Most people think of this first and spend a ton of time on this step. If you do the process in reverse you are far more likely to have an understanding of what you want your brand to be and portray. If you know that loyalty and reliability are a huge part of your brand, you may look for blues and golds in your logos and graphics. Creativity and spirituality, you may opt for purples. Color plays a huge role in branding. (I will be writing more on this in the future).
    • Consistency is the key to familiarity and that helps people remember who you are and what you’re offering. Like taglines. “It’s my money, I want it now!” The commercials are rough at best, but we know who they are and what they offer. There is plenty to be said about repetition.

Ensuring that these 5 elements are covered will help you to bring a solid face to your brand, and a necessary consistency that will bring in more sales.

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