Being relatively new to the blogging community and content writing community,  I was not quite sure how to start out. Not sure what I needed to do to get this off the ground, I took to Google to find the answers. You would be amazed at how many articles there are about the subject. So I will pick out some the most widespread tips and share them.

1.Write often and keep your content fresh-

When Google crawls the internet they look for new content and if you are regularly writing and adding to your blog Google will keep pulling up your content and improving your ranking. Make sure you are writing something for your blog at a bare minimum of twice a week, though 3 to 4 is optimal to bring up readership and keep your blog popping up in Google’s indexing.

2. Make sure your content is easy to access and shareable-

Include links to share to various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit…etc.

Blogging Grows Your Business
Blog to Grow Your Business

If you get a few dedicated readers who follow you and share your material you may find more like-minded individuals in their circle who may come to your blog. May sure they can subscribe to your RSS feed easily.


3. Bring in a celebrity or a well-known entity-

Now if you can get a celebrity awesome, but not many people I know can. What I mean by that is bring in guest posts. Someone with a strong following and audience already and ask if they would be willing to write a piece on your site. Their audience will follow and some may meander through your site and like what they see. This will help bring people to your page.

4. Make your posts search friendly and informative-

Everyone who owns a business or uses Google understands the value of keywords. Think about the content of your blog and what keyword might someone use if they were looking for your content, use that one. Try to incorporate one or two keywords in your title and in your blog. This will help Google bring your readers to you.

    •  *Hint- Including links to related topics or other information on the subject will also help bring some authority to your post. In addition, Google will read this and link the content. Help your readers get the most out of what they are reading.

5. Add media to your blogs-

Pictures, videos, links. Having photos with your blog not only makes it more visually enticing to bring in your viewers. People are far more drawn to images than just words on a page. In addition, you can add tags and descriptors to the image to help optimize it for search (make sure you are not violating copyright though, make sure it is your image or one that is royalty free like a clip art.

6. Write for other people-

If you have a blog that you follow or look to for inspiration, develop that relationship. Like their blogs, comment on something valuable from their blog. Once you develop that relationship ask them if you might be able to write a guest blog on their site. This is not only a good way to learn and get tips from someone you look up, but also to show their audience who you are and your writing. This uses their established audience to help develop and bring people to your page and your blog.

7. Know Your Niche and have a theme for your content-

Say someone finds a blog post you write about tips to organize your kitchen, they love it and go to your page to look for more helpful life tips. Are there more things like that on your page or is everything else about deep sea fishing? When someone comes to your page it is because they are looking for more content like the one that they just read. Have a theme or something to offer and stick with it.

8.Have a snappy title-

Titles are what actually get people to click on your articles and go to your site. I found a few great info graphs on Pinterest about great Blog titles that entice readers. You can google it or you can Pinterest. Few simple types though:

    1. Numbered Lists (like this one)
    2. Announcement or Headline style
    3. Reasons why something is a way it is
    4. How To
    5. Lesson Learned or reflection
    6. Something provocative and irresistible
    7. Something direct and specific
    8. Question or reflection for the Mass

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