Earlier today a coaching friend asked the question, what has been your biggest fear as an entrepreneur, and who has helped you the most in pushing through them? I thought for only a second before I had my answer.

My biggest fear is that I am not enough. I look around at all of the wonderful things other people are putting out there and I think, wow! There is no way I can do that. I am not as good as them, I’m not good enough. I feel this inferiority every day in every aspect of my life. A little nagging in the back of my mind. In speaking to so many other people in the course of even a single day, I know I am not alone. Hell, I bet at least one of you reading this feels the same way about a minimum of one area of your life. We are conditioned to judge ourselves in comparison to our peers. In addition to that, we are taught to be humble, not prideful or boastful of our talents and abilities. People are taught to put others first and to recognize, celebrate and talk about the success and accolades of others. (Think about how much time we spend reading about, talking about and watching celebrities and professional athletes.) As I was thinking about my shortcomings I came across this quote in Everydaypowerblog.com

We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatievely ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary.

Carol Dweck

This made me smile and think about my position. What makes so many of my idols better than me in my eyes? Why do we look up to other people, and what is it about them that I admire so much? They are doing something I want to be doing and are successful at it. (That is most of it). How did they get there? For most of them, I can say it is practice and a lack of fear. They have accepted repeated failures and learned from them until they reached a level of mastery, or until they found the “winning” formula. They did this by first taking the leap. In many of these idols I have interviewed, many say they were afraid. Many also still say they wonder and worry about how they stack up, but they do it anyway.

What big dreams do you have? What is your ideal dream job or ambition? enoughWhat stops you from going for it? Lack of confidence and fear of failing are the number one killers of action. Stop worrying that you aren’t enough,  or that you can’t have that position or that lifestyle. You are more than enough! You are a badass that was born with a unique skill set, passion, and divine purpose. The difference between you and your idols is action and practice. What do you need to know in order to have the thing you want? How do you get it? Once you have it, take the leap (that is where I am at). Quit procrastinating until you think you have everything perfect, or you think you are the very best. Just get started. You are more than enough to be truly great!

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