Tonight I spent some time doing some big-time mindset work. (On Myself) and a few big things came out of it I wanted to share. I think many women struggle with these same things, so hopefully, this helps you too. A success mindset will change your life.

Want to hear something more startling? All of us are in sales and being salesman every single minute of every single day! (I’ll wait for a second while you process that so I can explain it.)

A salesperson conducts the act of selling; exchange of property of any kind, or of services, for an agreed sum of money or other valuable consideration.

Every day I sell things. I sell my kids on drinking water instead of juices. I sell my husband on Thai food instead of burgers. When I am persuading another person to choose my opinion or idea over another, I am selling. You are too. Making new friends, forming new connections, all of that is selling. We even sell ourselves on ideas, both good and bad. Why the salad or the gym, or why the burger is okay this time. So then why can’t I sell my products or services? (Here is the mindset and limiting belief section.)

1. What is the limiting belief? -I’m not a salesperson.

2. Why do I believe that? What would it look like if I were a salesperson? – This is the talk above about selling daily all day.

3. Is there a root believe that is a roadblock?- sales people are slimy, pushy, fake, self-serving and trying to pull one over on people.

4. Confrontation- Am I slimy or fake?- No

Do I have something of value to sell?- yes

Will people get results and feel good as a result of my offerings and goods?- Yes, it will change their lives and business.

So why do I feel asking for money for it or telling other people about what I offer? – I’m nobody, why should they care, what do I have? (Work step 4 or address the whole cycle).

I have the education, heart, and passion to change lives with inspired vision and a bevy of tools (you do too I’m sure)

What are people gaining me not sharing? Nothing

What are they missing out on by me not sharing my talent and services? – The opportunity to change their lives and their business quickly and confidently. Money, time, peace of mind, happiness. Better health

So why am I not? – No clue…

5. Action- Take steps to change your self-talk and the habit loop that goes with it.  Big or small. Be willing to start moving forward and take some type of action. Work through your habit loops and move. Great book for this is The Power of Habit. (I put a link in here for you).

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