The last few days I’ve been spinning in my head trying to come up with some type of witty content that you guys might want to read. Something that is impressive, that people might want to share. I keep thinking if I come up with all this great content, people are going to want to work with me. They’re going to want more of what I’m giving them, and so I’m trying my best to come up with those great little pearls. (In 350 words or less so  it’s still digestible). Not going to lie, I’ve been really struggling with it. There are so many things I want to talk about that they just swirl around in my head, and I never quite know exactly the right thing to put out there. So instead I just haven’t put anything out there.

I have been my own roadblock because I’ve been too afraid of having my content be perfect. The only thing worse than having average content is having no contact at all. Which is what I’ve been doing. All these great coaches and mentors and business people echo a very similar sentiment. In order to make a change, in an order for things to happen, you have to take action. Some type of action, any action, but action nonetheless. I am not a perfect being, it’s not going to be 100% every single time. The great part about writing something, and creating something, is you can always go back and edit it. Bonus if it’s digital. I can edit it hundreds of times, create entirely new and different content, and throw it back out to the world. I will even get new and different readers!

I think a lot of us tend to focus so much on making everything perfect that we limit our own abilities. We limit the amount that we are able to create and produce because we’re so worried about how other people will take it, or how other people perceive what we’ve created. The truth of it is though, people like authenticity. We like to see flaws because it lets us know that we’re not the only ones that aren’t perfect. We aren’t the only ones out there making mistakes, and making mistakes is ok. At least you’re trying to do something, that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

The reason people like reality shows (although they are totally scripted most of the time) is because it shows people just being people. In their natural state, celebrities and athletes, people who others are envious of, are like us. They go grocery shopping, shower, they have bad hair days, they get angry, they get upset, they are real. So rather than trying to drop some type of super fancy-I hope this gets published in a magazine-type content, I figured I would just take a minute to be real with you guys. To let you know it doesn’t always have to be perfect. Going over things that I’ve written in the past, there are things that I thought were just stellar, these great little gems. Then things that I should probably just throw away because they’re not of any value to anybody, and that’s okay. Don’t let fear of perception, or fear of judgment, limit what you choose to do and your experiences in life.

Just Be You
Just Be You


There will always be haters, there will always be doubters, there will always be people who look to put you down no matter what it is. So why not just live and be you? Share your story and create things for you. If other people like them, great. If not, you’ve gotten your ideas out of your head and into the world where they stand a chance to be something. No matter what, you’re going to have those five or six people that love everything that you do because they love you. It may be the worst piece of literature or art ever invented, and they’re still going to tell you it’s great because they love you. You also still have the opportunity to make something new, or to try again anytime you want.

Unfortunately, I think that ladies are more subject to this internal criticism then men are.  I think we are more keenly aware, and sensitive to other women judging us. Rather than be judged, most of us choose to shrink. Or we obsess, and we pick, and we make ourselves crazy over this idea that everything has to be perfect. We deep clean our houses a billion times and repaint, move furniture and get nuts when friends are coming over for the holidays, or for families coming over for a fancy dinner. We agonize over our outfits, or shoes, or makeup. We worry and we agonize about what other women think about us like every day is some type of contest. It’s sad and tragic that we make each other feel like that. Or that we ladies feel like we have to tear other people down in order to look better. No one has ever looked better by tearing someone else down you just look like a bitch. Anyhow,  I’m getting off topic.

I made a promise to myself that I would write something every week. Not only that but that I would write for 20 minutes every day. That I would publish something every week. So this week, in order to meet my deadline, my content is the fact that I don’t have content. This week, I’m getting something on paper so that I’ve gotten it done. I’ve met my goal at least. Then I’ll keep pushing to write something worthwhile. I’ll keep pushing to give you guys something that I think is actually useful from a business sense. At the very least though, when my coach asked if I accomplished my goal for the week of posting something, I can confidently say yes.

Sometimes you just have to give it what you got and try again next time.

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